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The website dedicated to the overcharging of FOID card fees by the Illinois State Police

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Maag Law Firm, LLC
In order to legally own a "firearm" in Illinois, generally speaking it is necessary to possess, and be able to actually display, a currently valid Firearm's Owner's Identification Card, commonly called a FOID Card.  The actual law allows the State Police to Charge $10.00 for such a card.  However, since March, 2015, the Illinois State Police has been charging $11.00  to receive a FOID card. To challenge this unlawful overcharge, the Maag Law Firm, LLC filed 

the case of Sterr v. Trame, et al, Case No. 2015-L-2337, in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois.  The purpose of this website is to help Illinois FOID holders keep track of

the progression of this lawsuit.  Please note, however, we are not the Illinois State Police.  We cannot answer questions about the processing of your FOID application, as we simply do not have that information.