Here is the bottom line.  Lawsuits are expensive.  No normal person, on their own, can possibly afford just the out of pocket costs of major civil rights litigation.  U.S. Supreme Court Appeals cost, just in specialized printing costs, not counting time and other matters, between about $10,000 and about $30,000.00.  Again, that is just to print the briefs in the form required by the Court.

Maag Law Firm, LLC, has recently spent, out of its own pocket, nearly $15,000.00 to file a request for an Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court from the ruling of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that refused to support your Second Amendment rights.

​Maag Law Firm, LLC, will continue to fight, but we need YOUR help, to help us, help you.


On March 9, 2024, from 11:00 AM, until we run out of ammunition, we are holding a "GRENADE LAUNCHER" shoot, at Elliot Road, Granite   (Pontoon Beach), Madison County, Illinois.

Yes, these are actual legal, military grade, 40mm grenade launchers, made in Illinois, federally registered with the ATF, and just to be sure, registered with the ISP under PICA (though we are not sure if that was required, or not).

In exchange for your donation of $100.00, we will provide 2 rounds of inert 40mm chalk ammunition, and provide instruction by certified instructors, and allow you to fire two rounds at targets on the property.

To donate, please send $100.00 (or whatever you can spare), to, along with your name, address, and whether you wish to shoot, to:

Maag Law Firm

PO Box 411

​Wood River, IL  62095


Two rounds provided for every $100.00 donation, as long as ammunition remains available.  The earlier we get your name and donation, the easier it is to confirm we will have enough ammo (this isn't 9mm Luger ammo.  Its not like we can get more at the last minute at the local hardware store).  


As long as this ad remains up, we have enough ammo for all persons we expect to shoot, plus extras.

Just to be crystal clear, we do not have, will not try to obtain, and will not be providing any actual fragmentation or explosive grenades.  All NFA rules apply.  Copies of relevant NFA tax stamps for any and all M203 launchers on sight will be available if requested by appropriate federal personnel authorized to enforce Title 26, Chapter 53 US Code.

FOIDCARD.INFO by Maag Law Firm, LLC​